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Providing store cleaning programs, chemicals and supplies.

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Improve your CVP (Customer Value Prospective) score with the 7 Industries/Telechem GACS Problem Solver Program.
A clean store attracts more business and Telechem can provide a complete cleaning program for the entire store.  We also offer solutions for store problems such as Gum and Rust removal from concrete.  All of our product are Green Ultra Concentrates.  We ship the active ingredients and you add the water on site to activate.  This saves shipping cost for us and the store user.  A small, 5 gallon container can yield several hundred gallons of cleaner.  Try our products, they will keep your store clean.  Once you experience the results with the right solutions you can easily keep your store at a higher level of appearance. Click on some of the links in/on this page for more information.

You have Problems - We have Solutions
Effective Results for Past - Present - Future
Green Products with Energized Technology Provides
Telechemís Ultra-Gum/Rust Removal And All Purpose Store Cleaner

APC-Telefresh Supply Rack


Improve Curb Appeal with APC Cstore+ and Island Brite.

Use Middle and Top Shelves
For Bulk Products and Storage
Bottom Shelf for Aerosols



Roller Grills Cleaning Testimony


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Roller Grills Get Dirty from Drippings

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Telechem Cleans Roller Grills



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Providing Cleaning Products Since 1976

Environmentally Safe
APC Aerosol
APC Cstore+ Bulk
Island Brite
Telefresh 20-4.5 (EPA-ok)

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