Pennzoil's Change for Charity event that was held in March at the Orlando Lube location operated by Brian Piesner is being held May 24th at a store operated by our customer, Hoosier Lubes. Below is the press release by Pennzoil and a link to the same. This location will be using our APC to keep the cars rolling in and out and to ensure the ultimate efficiency of this promotion. Steve Sanner's Jiffy Lube operation in Indiana held the previous record. This years event is held during time period leading up to the Indy 500 and should be a great success for our customer and charities that benefit from it.
APC is the leading aerosol and the first line of defense for any maintenance program.

Its high foaming, clinging action instantly attacks and penetrates the surface to remove dirt, fingerprints, smudges, oils, coffee, tea, coke and more from virtually any surface and most carpets. APC All Purpose Cleaner is used for degreasing and cleaning any surface. It can be used to clean glass. Recommended for the computer, telephone, textile, automotive, maintenance, and manufacturing industries.

Does not contain abrasives.

Pleasant Fragrance.

Hardwood floors

Vinyl and Plastic

Tile floors

Painted surfaces

Removes tar and bugs

Removes Red Wine and Coffee from most types of carpet

And more even removes Blood and Georgia Red Clay.

Uses are unlimited!!

Great for:

Battery terminals

Car headliners